Curtain bot (rod type). How tight do you clamp yours?

Just wondering how tight you all clamp your curtain bots to the rod? I changed from a 30mm rod to a 19mm rod as the friction was too great on the 30mm rod and I was using my bots clamped up to within 3 "clicks" of maximum but I was getting a load of problems with the bot's roller skidding on the rail at the end of its travel and not switching off.

The instruction booklet states specifically not to camp the bot to the rod too tightly, but today I tried clamping it up fully (no clicks left) and the results initially seem much more consistent (leaving aside the MANY other issues I am having, which I will post a separate thread about...)

I would be interested to hear from other users about this.



  • Hello Darren,

    It is kind of easy to install the Rod-type SwitchBot Curtain on the rod. Actually, we don't need to figure out how many clicks we should push when installing the lid. We can just close the lid together to a point where it can no longer go any further.

    If you have any trouble installing or using the SwitchBot Curtain, you are welcome to contact The support team will offer you detailed guidance about this.

    Wish you can fave fun with SwitchBot.

    SwitchBot Team