Hub Mini - Showing Offline



My network is working perfectly. I just bought this Hub Mini and it shows a Bluetooth logo and it says connected to the internet, but it shows offline.


When I try to add an IR Remote, I cannot, because it is 'offline'


What is going on?



  • same here, but after it was reported that it is fixed it still does not connect:


  • I have the same problem.

  • Seems it is starting to work normally now, try to restart the hub.

  • I possibly had this but on Friday 10th and not Wednesday 8th...? My hub an curtain bots were offline all day.

  • Dear customer, 

    We are sorry for the late reply. Also, we apologize for the irregularity in connection that happened on 8th December. That was caused by the server outage on Amazon Web Server ( AWS ). The connection had been restored on the next day. We can try to reboot the Hub to have the connection issue resolved.

    We’re now looking to improve the robustness of our service system design, and will look to increase the limit of other critical bottleneck services to make sure that our services stay both secure, and reliable.

    We're truly sorry for all the inconvenience caused and appreciate your proactive feedback and understanding.

    We hope that you will continue to love our products and services, just as much as we value every single one of you.

    SwitchBot Team