Activate scenes via Switchbot Remote

Add a option to activate scenes via Switchbot Remote.



  • Hello iBlaze, 

    Thank you for your wonderful idea.

    Currently, this function is not available. But we have noted it down and reported it to the dev team.

    We believe the developers will consider this function seriously.

    When it is ready, we will bring it to everybody.

    Thank you for your suggestion and wish you have a nice day!

    SwitchBot Team

  • This feature would really complete my setup in my living room where I have three sets of grouped (two) curtains. Opening and closing them all at once isn't currently possible using the Switchbot Remote. To possibility to assign a scene to the Remote would be the solution. 

  • Hi there, loving the SwitchBot products so far!
    In this topic and this article ( - March 2021), you said you were developing something so we will be able to execute scenes (in my case 4 curtains) using the Switchbot remote button.

    Can you inform us on the status of the development? Will this be available soon?
    It would not be a smart/good solution if I have to install 4 remote buttons  so my wife and kids can operate all 4 curtains.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • I've recently set up 4 pairs of switchbot curtains and yeah, a button to activate a scene is exactly what I'm looking for. Is there progress on this feature?