I rail curtain switchbot calibration problem

i just bought a I rail switchbot curtain, and the calibration is totally failed, after i calibration, the position and timing is totally wrong, for example the bot will keep running for half mintues after the close point is reach, i tried pull out to calibrate, i give 10 second to close and outcome the bot moved for 40 seconds, please refer to this youtube, some people also has the same problem, please advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUNElSa9cQE Fyi I also bought 2 u rail for my bedroom and it calibrated perfectly


  • Dear customer,

    It seems like the calibration steps in the video are not perfectly correct. Here is a link that you can refer to correctly calibrate the SwitchBot Curtain.


    For more assistance, please submit a feedback request on the SwitchBot app. Our support team will assist you furthermore.
    SwitchBot Team
  • Same with one of my switchbot curtain
    During calibration of fully open and fully close, there is NO RESPONSE from the curtain device. It is clearly seen in the video above!

  • I do have the same issue. No response in the fully open - fully closed mode.

  • Ok solved it, the switchbot was mounted in wrong orientation