Unknown Error 190

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am frequently getting "Unknown error (190)" in my hub log and have to repeat the command for the hub to execute.  This is happening both with SwitchBot and the Curtain.  If I repeat command if most often works second time.  This is happening when using Siri shortcuts both spoken and pressed in the shortcuts apps. 



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    Dear customer,

    We understand that the SwitchBot Bot in your home didn’t run correctly and it is annoying to you. Would it be convenient for you to submit a feedback from the app’s Profile page so that we can investigate into your device and see if we can do anything about it? Thank you very much for bringing up the problems and we will do our best to fix them.


    SwitchBot Team

  • I also am getting an unknown error (190) in my log.  The problem is that I have set up my two switch bots but when I try to use them they do not work. It says that it could not connect to the device and move closer. I have the 2 switch bots sitting right next to my phone, hub and router. I can't get any closer. I am able to do the setup and the mechanism work during setup. It is only during the actual usage of the switch bot that they will not work.

  • Hi, I would like some answers as I am also dealing with the error 190 for all my switchbots, for well over 3 months. I have already submitted at least 3 different feedback mails from the app itself, with different control factors (with an older version of the app, with a different switchbot, with BLE/Wifi/4G, etc.) respectively, and yet receive neither success nor response whatsoever.

    To elaborate a little, I can see them functioning when trying to add them as new devices (none of them work now with the same error), but once they are on my device list I can no longer control them by all methods I can imagine (the same problem as Mark.)

    I liked the device very much, but now they constantly remind me to rely less on smart home devices.
    I do appreciate novel things with nice devs that try to innovate. Please, I am waiting for your response mail for several months. 

  • I have been fighting this problem too. Solutions seems to be to power on reset my switch hub mini. It’s annoying

  • Jeff, me too.

  • Hi

    I have 3 black units, have integration to home assistant via IFTT and has the switchbot wifi hub 

    I got the Error code 190 via the app and error code 161 via IFTT  in one of my units. It is relating to low power so change the battery and all good. You will see in this case when you go to this specific switch some settings are disabled namely- password, mode, schedule and also firmware & battery. this is an indication  that battery is weak 

    This is not the first time it happened and it happened to other 2 as well in the past