Switchbot Lock to open Door without (lock controlling) handle outside

Here in Germany in Apartment Buildings there are often Apartment Doors with no turnable Handles on the outside. They are opened by opening and holding the latch by turn of the key. Please add an Option to the switchbot lock for a third lock position. Beside the "locked" and "unlocked" position there should be the position "open" along with the adjustable period for holding the position for maybe 1 til 3 seconds. The Hardware is able and ready to do this, so please implement this new Feature in the App/Software! Kind regards Bjoern


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    Hi Tubanist and everyone,

    This is Joseph from SwitchBot Customer Happiness team.

    We are glad to share with you that SwitchBot Lock will be upgraded to support more door lock types in Europe. We have introduced more ways to lock or unlock for the SwitchBot Lock. We can also set the length of time the latch is held still to our liking, just like you guys suggested.

    Check out the setup guide video might help you get some idea about it: 

    We have been testing it internally intensively, and we believe it should help in some of your cases. To try this new feature, make sure to:

    1. Upgrade the SwitchBot App to V6.19 or newer.
    If you are an Android user and the App is not yet available on Google Play, you can get the apk (SwitchBot App V6.19) here:

    2. Upgrade the SwitchBot Lock firmware to V6.4 or newer
    Please go to the SwitchBot App - go to the settings page of the SwitchBot Lock, and upgrade the firmware to V6.4 or newer.
    If the new firmware is not available in your App, please submit a feedback request in the App (under Profile) with keywords like [Upgrade my SwitchBot Lock to V6.4]. We will enroll you in our public testing list ASAP.

    If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us with a feedback request on the App's profile page, as always.

    SwitchBot Customer Happiness

  • This problem also exist with Chilean and Spanish locks.

  • Thx for making this problem known to Switchbot. Lets hope it will be implemented. Seems that a software patch should be possible...

    I think other smart locks already support this feature...

    A stronger motor might be needed on some doors though.

  • This problem also exist with Greek door locks

  • Yes please, we need this! I can't use my lock because the device is either too weak for the door to open or the open-position doesn't hold long enough!

  • i completely forgot about this when ordering the lock or maybe i thought this (i think basic) feature was supported, now considering returning the lock as it makes it unusable unfortunately, unless the feature comes out soon, please let us know!

    btw this kind of locks / doors are standard across whole EU, not just countries listed above

  • Just wondering how such an important feature was missed.

    Seeing the yt video reviews I see why it was - all the US guys having basically kitchendoors as main entrance. This is why the autolock was introduced - always an outside handle available on the doors.

    Nobody in the EU with a modern door (build in the last 50 years) having a main door with a movable handle...

    Maybe next time - send some test samples to some EU testers too :) Ok - one German guy already complained about the issue already.

  • can we please get a response on this request? 

    and why this lock is being sold on German Amazon when no German doors are compatible with it lol

  • I have this problem in the Netherlands as well. I ordered the lock last week and not yet delivered. Hopefully it wil supported soon because without this feature the lock is useless for me.

  • This is must have option in Europe. Competition already have it...i found workaround that works for me: during calibration when app ask me to turn lock to open manualy, I turn switchbot mechanism all the way so doors are real open and hold it until i push Next (on screen when you test closing). But im shure that it won't work for every one.

  • This means that maybe we need an app extra update to give the command ex. "Add half turn to keep in the latch for 4 seconds" 

  • I would say - not just adding another half turn - let there be another teach point during the training.
    "Turn until main lock is open" - next - "Turn until Toor opens" -  next.
    Checkbox: Keep lock-motor engaged for 4sec (otherwise to lock will be released again immediately nad the door will not open).

  • I just chack the compatibleilty page and on the bottom switchbot state that locks without lever on th outside are not compatible...but if it work for me then it should be easy fix in the soft ware, go for it switchbot!

  • Hi, I am following this discussion too, we will need this function also in Italy

  • I am waiting for this feature to be implemented soon. This is very important in Europe.

    我正在等待这一功能尽快实现。 这在欧洲是非常重要的。

  • It is true that the compatibility page has a mention that it doesn't work when the outside handle does not control the lock.... but there is no mention on the main product page.

    Why is it sold in Germany and Spain without this big warning?

    Was there any testing done before selling the product in these markets?

    Even the most basic smart lock like Eqiva can handle these doors.

    Switchbot seems like a nice company, but it looks like it is only hype and a lot of influecer advertising :(

  • Thanks Joseph for the update. Excellent news.

  • Hi Joseph,

    sounds good, but it doesn't work at my site.

    I'm using Android SwitchBot App V6.19 build 15 
    SwitchBot Lock firmware to V6.4 

    First of all, which function i have to use? Reinstall or recalibrate?
    I tried both and failed.

    In your Video at 0:23 min the app will ask a question about the key.
    This question doesn't pop up on my app.
    I tried it many times, slower and faster, but never been asked from the app.

    Why can't we set this point manually? Also the holding time?

    Maybe you have an idea what i done wrong.

    best regards

  • Hi guys, first of all thank you for working on this problem. I'm having the exact same issue as Ralf above. There's no option to choose a key method. I updated the app and the firmware of the Lock.

  • Hello guys,
    in reference to what is indicated, in Joseph's latest update, have you all tried if it actually works now also with EU ports, or is it just a fake news?
    AxHptm and Ralf they confirmed that nothing has actually changed. :-|

  • Deamon Global News?

  • Just updated my App, now i have to wait for my Ticket to be proceeded, as my Lock doesn't offer an Update to the newer Firmware just now.

    I will report my results once i got the new Firmware ready.

  • Not working for me.
    App Version 6.19
    Firmware Version 6.4

    Lock removed from App after Firmware Upgrade and took out the batterys to reset it completely.

    No option to calibrate the latch or the length to hold it open.

    Screenshots are here to see: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YEuadnwkg8v7uYX97

    Actually there is no difference to the calibration/settings before.

  • :-|

  • After removing the batteries and resetting the Lock I finally get the question about the key. But unfortunately this option doesn't resolve the issue because the process of unlocking is still "jammed" and doesn't fully open the door. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  • Deamon Global
    Joseph can you give us news.... please? 
    Can you reply to user posts?

  • Hello Joseph,

    I installed my second Switchbot Lock today.
    And I couldn't believe it, but it worked right away!
    I then calibrated my first Switchbot Lock again and it now works as it should.

    It is now easy to open without a door handle on the outside! 😎

    Thank you for the great support. 👍

    Greetings Ralf

  • I have version 6.19.1 for the app and firmware 6.4 but i still dont get the question to hold the latch for a certain amount of time or anything else like that. What did you do Ralf? Take out the batteries? Just recalibrated the lock?

  • If others see this: You need the aformentioned Version 6.19.1 of the app, you need firmware 6.4 and the adress where the lock is used is from Europe.
    The problem in my case was that the backend database located me in the US and not in Europe and thats why i could not use this feature of holding the door completly open because the feature is not available in the US.

  • Nima Can you describe briefly where to check and set the adress for Europe?

    I am not able to calibrate my Lock although i am on the latest app and firmware release.


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