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I have left home for a long trip not realising i need a mini hub to control my curtains from a distance. Can a neighbour set up a mini hub for me without my phone being within bluetooth range?


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  • Hello Lucy, thank you for reaching out.

    Actually, there is a way for your neighbor to set up a Hub Mini for you. So you are gonna need your neighbor to log in to your SwitchBot account on his/her cellphone. Then he/she can pair a Hub Mini to your account and turn on the Cloud Service for the SwitchBot Curtain. After that, remote control will be available for you.

    But there is a limitation, that we need to make sure that your neighbor is installing the Hub Mini near the SwithchBot Curtain in your house, as the Hub Mini and the Curtain are communicating with each other with Bluetooth.

    We hope this will be helpful.

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact

    Best regards,

    SwitchBot Team


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