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I have 3 windows with SwitchBot curtains on them. I have them all set to open and close at the same time but they keep drifting further and further apart. They are now operating minutes apart. It's hard to believe that the devices can not keep accurate time without having to use a hub to sync them.



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  • Hello Pweady, sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

    For the reason that the timer inside of the SwitchBot Curtain needs to be calibrated once in a while to have it be synced to the accurate time if it is not connected to a SwitchBot Hub. It is simple to do that. We can just go to the schedule page of the SwitchBot Curtain and the time will be calibrated automatically.

    If you find any trouble while using the SwitchBot Curtain, please feel free to contact support@wondertechlabs.com. The support team will help you furthermore to resolve the issue.

    SwitchBot Team

  • It seems pretty silly that the device can not keep track of time accurately. I know that reconnecting to them with the app will recalibrate the time but it shouldn't be necessary. I also don't understand why my devices are so different in their ability to keep time accurately causing them to drift apart. I have my blinds automated with the Tilt smart blind controller and not only can they keep time but they can automatically adjust schedules according to sunrise/sunset. All without a hub.


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