Error Codes: 'Device busy (166)' & 'Connection error (161)'

My SwitchBot stopped working when I triggered it via IFTTT as well as when I triggered it from the SwitchBot App.  I reviewed the logs and saw the following errors:

"Connection error (161)"

"Device busy (166)"

I then looked at the 'Firmware & Battery' tab and noticed the battery % was low.  I replaced the battery with a new one and everything went back to normal and is now working properly.


If you see the (161) or the (166) error codes, try replacing the battery.



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  • Hello Nick, thank you for sharing the tips.

    The error 161 means the Bluetooth connection has been lost. If this SwitchBot device is connected to the Cloud Service, we can try to move the SwitchBot Hub closer to it. If it is not, we can move our cellphone closer and control the device.

    The error 166 means there might have been too many commands sent to the SwitchBot device at a time. We can try it later.

    Also, as you have found out, if the battery is low, the Bluetooth connection will also be jeopardised. We can try to replace a new battery to have it back to life.

    If you find any issue that you cannot solve, please do not hesitate to contact The support team will be happy to help.

    SwitchBot Team



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