bot : commande executed 2 times

Hi, i have a problem, I used ifttt to execute a push on a button. Sometimes the command executed two times. I see only one execution on ifttt but i see that the bot execute a second time the push just after the first execuion. It is completely random. Sometimes it works.


It is a problem because I used the bot to shutdown a boiler but the second execution turn on again the boiler.


What is the solution ?



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  • another information, in the log of the bot, I see only one execution and not 2. 

  • Hello Rouaix,

    If the Bot is set correctly within the SwitchBot app, it would not be pressing another time. This is an abnormal issue for the Bot in your account. Could you kindly submit a feedback request on the SwitchBot app? The technical team will help you analyze the problem and resolve it for you.

    SwitchBot Team


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