homekit and groups

Is there a limit on home many curtain and tilt devices that can be added to HomeKit through matter?  I have 4 curtain and 4 blind tilt but only 4 show up, plus the 2 accessories from hub 2 (temperature and humidity) giving me only 6 devices exposed to HomeKit.

Additionally, of the 4 devices (2 curtain, 2 blinds) added, I tried to group them into curtains and blinds and control them via Siri but they don't work.   It works but controls only 1 blind or 1 curtain but not both.

added 2 curtains, named Bedroom curtain 1 and bedroom curtain 2, and added them as a group named master bedroom curtains.  When say sire closed master bedroom curtains, it only closes/open Bedroom curtain 2.  And sometimes it say which app do I want to open.  Am I missing something? 



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