Switchbot lock - Optical information about the Status of the device

Sometimes we need to know if our door is locked or unlocked.

Τhe status of the lock, if it is locked or not, is shown on the Alexa and on Google Home. But sometimes it is not captured properly. Maybe this has to do with which application locked or unlocked the lock or if you locked the door manually. Also checking the mobile application at that time may not be possible or easy.

A visual indicator on the LOCK would be useful using the existing device LEDs. (Red light=locked, Green light=unlocked). And could the existing leds flash in case of failure, low battery, etc.

I think this modification could be made to the device in a future app update. Even if it is considered that a led light will drain the battery, it will be up to the user to choose it or not to choose it (as is done with the led light at the Hub)

If any user has solved this problem, if he has made such an automation, for example to turn on a lamp, he could tell us.



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  • I have met with the same issue when doing "hybrid" opening with my family members. Some of my family members still prefer to do manual locking. However, when someone does manual locking, within my switchbot app, it still shows "unlock". So it is a little frustrating not to know if your door is actually locked or not (or someone actually lock it with keys). 

    An area that can definitely be improved. Giving these feedback so that Switchbot can look into it. Thanks


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