Connection Error (161) and Unknown Error (190)


I have the following setup:

A Thermometer, Hub Mini and Bot. They are all placed within 2-3 meters one of the other, in line of sight.

I have programmed Scenes and when the Temp > or < certain level, then the Bot action is to Press the button of an air conditioning wall-mounted controller.

The problem is that it works randomly, and in many occasions the error is "Connection error (161)" other times it is "Unknown Error (191)"

I have replaced the Bot with a brand new unit, as well as Hub Mini, and and the error persists.

The problem does not seem to be the distance, all three Thermometer, Hub Mini and Bot are closer than two meters and with full line of sight clear. The problem is not the battery, I have just changed it. I have also upgraded all the firmware of the 3 elements...

Please I would appreciate any hints you may have on how to solve this.

Best regards,




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  • I'm a new SwitchBot user and got and set up a Hub Mini + Bot yesterday.
    Now I get many errors 161 & 190.
    I've already noticed that these errors always occur if I haven't addressed the bot for a long time (longer than 2-3 minutes). Then the first command from the app is not executed and error 161 or 190 occurs.
    If I then click the bot again after the "Operation failed" message, the command is executed and the button is pressed.
    It happens both in the app and via a created scene! I have the same problem with both.
    I have the feeling that the bot is "falling asleep" and cannot be woken up with the first command. Only with the second command does it become really active again...
    What can I do?

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