Missing features in Alexa

I got the contact sensor and hub mini, linked it to Alexa, added the skill, and I'm seeing the sensor on the Alexa app but when I try to set up a routine, the only conditions that show are open and closed. Same with SmartThings. I'm trying to take advantage of the enter and exit features but I can't seem to figure it out. The product box shows examples of asking the 3 different home assistants if the door is open, so that makes me think it's possible, otherwise why would it be on there? If I can't get it working, it makes those features pretty useless unless I replace everything in my home with switchbot products, which isn't going to work for me.


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  • Yeah, I just came to see if there'd been any change on this.. Apparently not. 😕

    I bought 3 of these sensors specifically for these additional features only to find they're utterly useless for anything other than interacting with other switch bot devices.

    I thought they might have opened up these features to be visible to other platforms like Alexa or Smartthings... But no. You might as well attach a metal bell to your door like the good old days it'd be just as useful.

    I just can't understand the logic of rendering the features pointless.

    And it has been noticed and mentioned all over the Web, from forums to Amazon reviews, so it must be hurting sales. I know I've never bought another switch bot device since.


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