Switch Bot Hub Plus losing Internet Connection constantly

I wanted a simple system to trigger air-conditioning once a certain temperature was triggered while I’m away from home. My Hub Plus seems to last from a day to a week or so before it’s suddenly no longer online any more. On accessing the device over Bluetooth and going to the WiFi settings, it briefly shows “Network Error” in the SSID before then trying and never succeeding to reconnect. It will stay in this offline state until I reenter the SSID and password, at which point it immediately reconnects and works for an indeterminate number of days again. No other device on the property has this issue with WiFi. The Hub Plus is 30 cm away from the WiFi router. When the Hub Plus loses its connection to the WiFi, it also renders any automation I’ve set up non-functional. It basically means I cannot rely on this ecosystem to do this simple task. Why can’t the Hub Plus store the SSID and Password information itself and just try to reconnect if it ever encounters a blip? Why does it sit there indefinitely doing nothing, waiting for me to tell it to reconnect to the WiFi? It seems badly designed and not at all robust from that point of view. Why does it need me to manually go in and tell it to connect to the WiFi again? Very disappointed.


  • I’ve also followed the troubleshooting steps. I’ve left it unplugged for 30 seconds and reconnected the power etc. No difference. If ever it encounters a network error, it just sits on its hands and does nothing until I come back home and tell it to connect to the WiFi again, at which point it does so instantly without any issue.

    Adjusting the DHCP lease time, and giving it a static lease makes no difference.

    Can we get a firmware update that automatically tries to reconnect to the WiFi if ever it encounters a network error, instead of it just sitting there like a dumb brick waiting for me to tell it to do that once I get home?

  • Hi there, thank you for reaching out.

    As per your description, it sounds like a firmware issue on the Hub Plus. We would like to look furthermore at this for you from the backend system. Please kindly submit a feedback request on the profile page of the app about this issue, the technical team will help you furthermore.

    Best regards,

    SwitchBot Team


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