I would like to see "wait for X seconds" added to the automation function.

I would like to see "wait for X seconds" added to the automation function.

I have an open/close sensor and switchbot working together in my garage.
I have it set to turn on the lights when the shutters open. It is very convenient.

The features I would like to see are
An automation feature that activates the switchbot X seconds after the open/close sensor detects that it is closed.

We do not want the light switch to turn off for X seconds after the shutters are closed.

Please add a "wait for X seconds" item to the automation function.



  • Hello Kumayuking, thank you very much for your suggestion.

    Actually, the feature you mentioned is a great idea, which will definitely make the SwitchBot devices more powerful in many scenarios. 

    We have noted down your suggestion and forward it directly to the dev team. Hopefully in the future upgrade, this delay execution feature on Scene will be available to the public.

    If you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact support@wondertechlabs.com.

    Wish you have a nice day!

    SwitchBot Team

  • Ditto here. Add "seconds" to the schedule timer please! My projector requires a 2nd click within 5 seconds to turn off properly

  • Same functionality but for another scenario

    I use the switchbot to turn on and off my not smart aircon (where I added a switchbot to switch on/off).

    When asleep, sometime the room is getting way too hot and I don't want to 

    I would like to use the same functionality to click on the remote once, start a scenario doing the following:

    1) click on the aircon

    2) wait eg 20 minutes

    3) click on the aircon

    (I did try the temperature control but ended up doing this scenario manually instead)

  • Yes, this is a simple but important function because many devices may take a while to wake up before receiving another command.  Please add this "wait" action at your earliest possible.

    Thank you.

  • Until this feature is added, I'll have to keep using another tool.
    Please add this "wait" action at your earliest possible.

  • Actually most automation setting from other manufacturers such as MOMAX, One Home and Aqara also include the “delay” function, which is very useful since most devices take a while to run before they can take the next command. I just cant believe SwitchBot as one of the leading company in this field could have missed this important function in the automation setting. Truly disappointing.

  • The other day, SwitchBot updated and now the remote control, which used to work normally at intervals, is being pressed continuously, rendering some scenes unusable!
    There is no point in using it with SwitchBot. I am very disappointed.


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