Can't finish/save calibration for SwitchBot Curtain


I am trying to finish the calibration but it is not working. It did once but now it keeps not saving the calibration settings.

I can start the calibration (Move curtain to open position -> Pause -> Next -> move curtain to closed position -> Pause -> Next) but when I reach the window to check the calibaration (the one with the 4 Buttons "Recalibrate fully opened"; "Move to fully open"; "Recalibrate fully closed"; "Move to fully closed") the buttons "Move to fully open" and "Move to fully closed" can be pushed but nothing happens.
When I use the "Recalibrate fully opened" and "Recalibrate fully closed" buttons I can move the Bots again and afterwards click on the button "Finish" but the calibration is not saved and I can't move the Bots afterwards with the standard buttons to do so. Also when I go back to the "Home" screen and select one of the curtains it directly comes up with "The device is not calibrated....".

Please help.




  • Hi there,

    We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We believe the issue was caused by the fact that the calibrated data was not uploaded to the server yet. You did the calibration correctly, but when you finished and went back to the homepage, you can try to pull down to make a refreshment and let the calibration data upload to the server quicker. 

    If you find this not help with the calibration issue, please kindly contact with a relevant video that shows the problem, the support team will help you furthermore.

    SwitchBot Team

  • Hi Switchbot Team,

    I’m currently having the same issue but I’ve tried all that was suggested above and even made sure everything was updated and it still won’t save/remember the calibration. I even tried uninstalling app and repairing everything as well, same result. How else can I go about this?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

  • I am having and have been having the same issue.  I just tried re-calibrating my robots 10 times.  10 T-I-M-E-S only to have the calibration steps report as having been completed successfully, but the settings not save to your cloud.  I tried force stopping the app and clearing the cache.  I tried rebooting and then reconnecting my robots to the hub.  Yet, I still can't get the calibration settings to change.  This started happening after one of the more recent firmware updates, so clearly something that was changed recently in the firmware is more than likely causing the issue.  How are we supposed to use the robots if the calibration steps won't save to your cloud?

  • I'm having the exact same issue and scenario as jmsesler describes just above. Any solutions?

  • +1 same issue calibration not getting saved in the app

  • I've contacted support because i noticed that my version (U rail 2) was running on FW v3.3. In their response i was told they could push v6.4. Don't know if that will solve the problem of not being able to save the calibration as the finish button doesn't work in the app (samsung cellphone). Both the SB app as AndroidOS are up to date.


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