Contact Sensor - Left Open Trigger

Is it possible to have the Left Open trigger from the Contact Sensor initiate an Alexa routine?

I'd like to buy this device but from the videos on Youtube - only the open/closed triggers are exposed to Alexa

I'd like to have an Alexa routine that reminds my kids to close a door when they leave it open. Thanks



  • Hi there,

    The way you want to use the left open function to set up a reminder is a good idea. But currently, the SwitchBot Contact Sensor can only be triggered by the condition of Open or Close. The Left Open is not available for now.

    We have noted it down and reported it to our dev team. Hopefully, in the future, this will be available on Alexa.

    SwitchBot Team

  • But in the SwitchBot Contact Sensor Box it says: "Alexa, is the door open?" .. to this question alexa does not know what to answer .. this is false advertising ..

  • However I have for now solved this way:
    A scene
    If all conditions are met:
    RearDoor Left open (left open time 15 min)
    Execute the following actions:
    Notification RearDoor is open
    Living Room lamp ON, color Red, Dim 100%
    Every 15 min if RearDoor Left open I see a red light in the Living Room and I remember to close it

    It is not perfection but what is it for ..


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