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Hi I have a very large house I have to automate the switches of my cellar which is in the garage my first mini hub is located in the bedroom at more than 80 meters. From the cellar. To use other switchbots I have to buy another hub for the cellar. Is it possible to have more mini hubs for the various rooms? Excuse my English I translate online


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  • Hello Mark,

    Thank you for contacting SwitchBot.

    In an open field, the communication range between the Hub Mini and the SwitchBot Bot is 80 meters. If there are obstacles in between, it will diminish the communication. Also, it is okay to put multiple Hub Minis in various rooms. As long as there is a valid Wi-Fi network for it to connect. The SwitchBot devices will choose the nearest Hub to connect to the internet.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

    SwitchBot Team


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