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Hi, I have some automatic curtains with 2 buttons on the wall. One button is a switch to make the curtain go up or stop going up. One button is a switch to make the curtain go down or stop going down. I can put 2 SwitchBot, one per wall switch. Then for instance when I want to open the curtain fully, I tell the SwitchBot to go ON and the curtain goes all the way up. The problem is that the button "up" stays ON even once the curtain is fully up. Then I can not press the "down" button because the "up" button is still ON. So I manually have to tell switchbot to put the "up" button OFF every time the curtain is fully up in order to be able to press the down button, and vice-versa. I would like an optional feature: - if I activate a switchbot to ON, it goes automatically to OFF after X seconds. (My curtain takes 20 seconds to go up fully) This would solve this kind of problem. Thank you, you are awesome


  • Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your great interest in our products.

    According to your detailed description, we guess you are using the "Switch Mode" for the SwitchBot Bot. If the button for your automatic curtain is not a toggle switch, we believe the Pressing Mode would help you solve the issue. 

    In the Pressing Mode of the SwitchBot Bot, we can set the Bot to press for a certain amount of time before it retreats its arm back.

    Also, we have a Beta firmware for the Bot which can define the Bot with more function. If you are interested, please submit a feedback request on the SwitchBot App about the Beta version of the Bot. Our support team will send the firmware package to you.

    SwitchBot Team

  • Hi,
    The buttons to close and open the automatic curtains are toggle switchs.
    As such I must use the switchbot in switch mode.
    In this mode there is no option to switch the buttons to OFF after a few seconds.

    I will contact you for the beta.

    I am still interested by this feature: when setting a button to ON, automatically setting the button to OFF after X seconds in switch mode.

  • Hi Raphaël,

    Great that you are interested in the beta version of the Bot. Feel free to contact us to get the upgrade package.

    Also, if you could provide some videos about the toggle switch of the automatic curtain in your situation, the support team will assist you furthermore.

    Best Regards

    Switchbot Team

  • Hi Raphaël,

    Did the Beta firmware solve the problem for you?

    I have exactly the same set-up as you properly described above and I was thinking to the same solution you proposed. In order to make the curtains work a switch off after X seconds would solve the problem (my curtains also take about 20 secs to go up or down). 

    I would go even further and think to couple the curtain buttons with a second switchbot so that when I'm using one button to let the curtains going down I can use the other button to also half-open the curtains to let entering the light.

    If this would be solved by the switchbot would be a trigger for me to buy them as well.



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