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Is there any way to extend the range of a Switch bot — so I don't need to be right next to it to turn it on? I should have thought a hub was the answer, but I can't see in any available hub any clear information about that. 



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    Hi Lawrence,


    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    The SwitchBot Bot is a Bluetooth device that could be only linked to your phone within the Bluetooth range. 

    The SwitchBot Hub Mini can provide both Bluetooth and WiFi connections. It could build the connections between your phone and the Bot. This means you could control the Bot outside when the Bot it connecting to the Hub Mini.


    Best regards,


    SwitchBot Team

  • Is the answer then to have multiple Hub Minis around the house, e.g one on each floor ?

  • I guess the hub mini acts as a bluetooth "sender" towards e.g. a bot, but will this hub also "receive" a signal from e.g. a switchbot remote and then send it again out towards a switchbot bot ? 

    In other words, if (as an exemple) you have an indoor range of 10 meters between a bot and remote.  Would you be able to do this to repeat the bluetooth signal and have an operating distance of 20m ?

    BOT =======10m========HUBMINI========10m=========REMOTE

    And secondly, as asked above, can you have multiple hub mini's in the house that act as repeaters for bluetooth signals?

    Thank you, greetings


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