Switch it Curtain Rod Stopped Travelling

Been using my switchbot curtain rod for a couple years now, it's great, the past couple of days one of the pair has stopped traveling. I can hear the motor going, and when I remove it from the rod I can see the wheel spinning. There is plenty of battery life. I suspect the issue is the rubber wheel has an indent and can no longer grip properly. I've tried running the bot in various tight to loose settings. Is there a replacement rubber wheel I can order? I don't want to buy another bot just for one small part.


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    I’m experiencing exactly the same issue with the rubber wheel. Please make spare parts available via shop.

  • The solution that I am currently going with is using grip tape (for skateboards) on the underside of the rod. It helps the bot wheel grip and continue to travel.

    I got the 1" grip tape from amazon. Make sure you really clean the rod with soapy water and dry it completely before applying the tape.

  • Thanks for the solution spahnlie. Can you please share some information on the exact tape you're using? Are you using it on a U rail like me? In that case I'll probably need to cut out 2 small strips stick them on both ends of the rail, right? Is it working out for you still? 


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