Updated: Dec 27th, 2022

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Indoor Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam(2K/3MP), Outdoor Spotlight Cam

When the capacity of the SD card is used up, recordings are automatically overwritten and deleted from the oldest data.

We will also provide you with a list of SD cards.

device Supported SD card capacity Supported SD card standards continuous recording Recommended SD card
indoor camera 8G-128G FAT32 Can SanDisk Sandisk
Samsung Samsung
Kioxia Kioxia
monitoring camera 8G-128G FAT32 Can
Monitoring camera 3MP 8g-256g FAT32 / exFAT32 (supported by Firmware 33.9.13) Can
outdoor camera 8g-256g FAT32 / exFAT32 (supported by Firmware 2.1.13) can't

* In continuous recording mode, the indoor camera and monitoring camera use about 10G of storage per day. A 128G SD card can record continuously for about 12 days. A 3MP monitoring camera uses about 5G of capacity per day, and a 128G SD card can record continuously for about 24 days.



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