Last Updated: 2023 July 28

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  1. SwitchBot Lock is equipped with a magnetic sensor. Should you install this device onto a steel door, the Auto-Lock function may cease to work.
  2. SwitchBot Lock may be affixed to your door using double-sided tape. In some living environments, you may find problems may occur, such as the double-sided tape peeling causing SwitchBot Lock to fall off due to thermal expansion and contraction.
  3. The coating on steel doors may prevent your device from being attached securely using double-sided tape.
To prevent such issues, you may want to:
※Attach your SwitchBot Lock to your door using screws.
※Ensure your device is used in a temperature environment that ranges between 15°C to 35°C.
For more information, you can check other support articles: Can I fix the SwitchBot Lock with double-sided tape?



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