Updated: Mar 3rd, 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Indoor Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam 3MP, Outdoor Spotlight Cam
  • SwitchBot App Version: V6.20 or newer

1. Please make sure you have updated the SwitchBot App to the latest version.

2. If the mobile carrier is Rakuten or Docomo, there are some Internet restrictions in some areas, which will be impossible to obtain video streams from outside.

3. If you are a Rakuten as mobile carrier user, please check if the problem is resolved by switching the data speed mode on or off in the Rakuten mobile App.


4. For Docomo, if the solution in step3 does not resolve the issue, we are currently in active negotiations with the mobile carrier. Please consult your mobile carrier for further support.




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