Updated: 2022.12.21

  • Applicable products: SwitchBot Bot
  • SwitchBot app Version: 6.20.1 or newer
  • Device firmware version: V6.4 or newer

1. Make sure our app is up to date.
2. Make sure the plastic insulating battery isolation tab is removed from your SwitchBot Bot.

3. Turn on your mobile phone data network, and make sure that both Bluetooth and Location Service permissions have been enabled. Only when those 2 options are enabled can SwitchBot Bot be detected.
- For smartphone devices using Andriod OS 12 or lower, make sure Location Service permissions are also enabled.
4. SwitchBot Bot may be out of battery and can't be detected if it hasn't been used for 6 months. Please replace your battery and try again.
5. When using our app, tap your device icon on the Home page to control it. If a SwitchBot Bot icon does not appea, simply swipe down to refresh the page.
6. If SwitchBot Bot still remains undetectable, follow the steps below to reset:
- Open the back cover lid of your SwitchBot Bot.
- Short-press the reset button in the corner once (refrain from long-pressing).
- You'll see an indicator flash once to confirm that a device reset was completed.
If you accidentally long-pressed the reset button, and the indicator flickers once. Remove the battery and install it again.
- After seeing the indicator light blink once, short-press the reset button once again briefly to reset your SwitchBot Bot.
- See also: SwitchBot Bot Reset.
7. Turn your mobile phone's Bluetooth off and on again, and get as close to your SwitchBot Bot as possible.
8. Remove the battery from your SwitchBot Bot and insert the battery while pressing the reset button inside the bot, then open our app, and navigate to -> Profile -> Firmware Repair and see if the Repair Bot Firmware option appears. If the Repair Firmware option appears you can use this to try and repair your SwitchBot Bot.
9. If all the above still doesn't work, feel free to reach our support team by opening our app and tapping Profile > Feedback > then select your device to leave feedback.


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  • dzmiller

    It's ridiculous that you can't design a product that can stay connected to an iPhone


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