• Applicable products: SwitchBot Keypad Touch
  • SwitchBot App version: 6.16 or newer
  • Device firmware version: V1.6 or later

1. Make sure the SwitchBot App is up to date.

2. Make sure the SwitchBot Keypad Touch is added to the SwitchBot App and the firmware is up to date.
※Please follow the guide to check the firmware version of the SwitchBot Keypad Touch.
SwitchBot App home page - click the corresponding device name - click the "gear icon" in the upper right corner to enter the secondary control panel - click "firmware and battery" to view.

3. Make sure the Keypad Touch is not disabled and has paired to a SwitchBot Lock.

4. Make sure that the surfaces of the scanner of the Keypad Touch and your fingers are clean, dry and free from stains.

5. If some of your fingerprints are failed to be scanned, try the scanning process multiple times.

Under the SwitchBot App's version V6.16 and the firmware version V1.6 for the Keypad Touch, the fingerprint function has been augmented. Please follow the guide below to set up the function and see if it improves the situation.



6. If it still doesn't work, please contact us via "Profile Page" - "Feedback" in the SwitchBot App, and provide the following information:

Take a video that shows the whole process of you adding the fingerprint and operating to unlock the SwitchBot Lock with this finger, and please try to include the following elements as much as possible.

  • The Keypad Touch device
  • What the SwitchBot App displays during the process
  • Detailed finger operation during the unlock process



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