Last Updated: 2024 Jan 19

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1. If you are locked out and can not enter your home, please check to see if you can use the emergency unlock function to unlock your door.
*Please be sure to bring the key with you when you leave the house in case the battery runs out or the lock itself does not work. If the emergency lock doesn't help you resolve your issue and a lock-opening service is required, we will not be responsible for your lock-opening service fee. Thanks for your understanding.

2. If you are at home, please check that the center of the thumbturn of the lock is coaxial with the center of the knob with respect to installation. If it is not aligned correctly, your SwitchBot Lock may be subjected to excessive rotational force to locking and unlocking. If your SwitchBot Lock is used for a long time in this condition, it may get jammed, or the device itself may fall.
※ Image showing the coaxial installation position of SwitchBot Lock.

※I mages showing installation where position not coaxial

3. If the fixed tail on the lock body has been removed, please manually fix the joint slider and adjust the center of the knob and the center of the lock thumbturn to a coaxial position, as shown in the video below, before reinstalling your SwitchBot Lock again.
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4. If you are purchasing a new Lock, please install it as shown in the video below.
※If the installation adjustment successfully resolves your jamming issue, you will not need to do anything else.

5. After reconfirming installation, remove SwitchBot Lock from the mounting adapter and try to operate the lock (or emergency unlocking) function using our app.

6. If the lock does not turn when operating via our app, please log in to your SwitchBot account and navigate to Profile → Feedback and leave feedback containing a video of your SwitchBot Lock not turning. We will provide after-sales warranty service to help you resolve your issue (replacement of new device and collection of your defective device).

7. If your lock turns normally when using our app to operate, this usually means the issue is not with SwitchBot Lock itself. Please log into SwitchBot App -> Profile -> Help and Feedback -> Feedback to submit a request for firmware V6.5 update.

8. Please reinstall and calibrate your SwitchBot Lock once your update is complete, and make sure that the battery model you are using is CR123A 3V/1500mAh and that the remaining battery charge is at least 80%.
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※You can use the following guide to check the firmware and battery level of your SwitchBot Lock. Open our app > Tap your device > Tap the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner > Enter Settings > Tap Firmware & Battery to check your firmware status.

Lock 6F.PNG
9. Please open the door, unlock the lock with the SwitchBot App, and check if it is jammed.
9-1>If the lock cannot handle the front door lock at this time due to jamming, please contact us by logging in to the SwitchBot App → Profile → Feedback. When contacting us, please provide a video of the jamming.
9-2>If the jamming is not occurring, please close the door and lock it with the SwitchBot App. If the door can be locked without any problem, it appears that the front door lock can be handled by the rotational force of the lock. If you experience a jam when locking, the door may not be closing properly, and the latch may be hitting the door frame. Please check the door opening and closing condition again before locking. If you still experience the jamming, please take a video of the jamming in the closed state and contact us by logging in to the SwitchBot App → Profile → Feedback. We will respond with a refund or return as soon as possible.

10. If you are still experiencing the Jammed even with firmware V6.4, even though there is no problem with rotational force, please contact us with a video of the jamming by logging in to the SwitchBot App -> Profile -> Feedback.
This is a complicated troubleshooting process.
When you contact us, it would be very helpful in our investigation if you could explain in detail how far you can go with the above information. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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  • Nathan.posumah

    please send me the latest firmware for the lock. mine is still v4.6 and i am unable to pair it with the keypad. thanks.


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