There are some possible issues that can cause the SwitchBot Indoor Cam fail to be added to the SwitchBot account. Please refer to the situations below and find a proper solution.


Check the network 

1. The network signal may be weak, try moving the SwitchBot Indoor Cam and your phone closer to the router.

2. The SwitchBot Indoor Cam supports 2.4GHz network only. It does not support 5GHz network. (We can log in to the router management page to check this out or consult the router's vendor for support. )

3. The network may be unstable. Please check the network status. (We can visit to test the network status. It is stable when download and upload speeds are greater than 1Mbps.)


Check the QR code

1. When scanning the QR code, please make sure the screen is clean and clear. Nothing should be blocking the way between the QR code and the camera.

2. Please adjust the screen brightness to the fullest to have the camera better recognize the QR code.


Already added to another account

The SwitchBot Indoor Cam cannot be added to more than one SwitchBot account at the same time.

1. If we can access the SwitchBot account the Indoor Cam was previously added to, we can log in to that account and delete the Indoor Cam. After that, the camera can be added to the new account again.

2. If we cannot access the SwitchBot the Indoor Cam was previously added to, please contact about this issue. In the meantime, please provide the following information so that the support team can better help.

- The SN code attached on the back of the camera.


- Purchase channel for the Indoor Cam.

- Purchase voucher for this Indoor Cam (screenshot or receipt of the order).



1. If the Wi-Fi SSID and password are input incorrectly, the Indoor Cam will be failed to add. In that case, please reset the Indoor Cam and add it to the account again. Please make sure the Wi-Fi SSID and password are correctly input.

2. If the Wi-Fi SSID or the password contains too many characters, chance is that the Indoor Cam will not to be added.

3. If the Indoor Cam still cannot be added to the account, please contact for further assistance.


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  • tthalaivan

    What happened my camera not working


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