1. Please check if the Hub Mini/Plus network status is normal.

1- Check the power supply status of the Hub Mini/Plus. 

If the Hub Mini/Plus indicator light stays on, it means the power supply is normal. If you have turned off its indicator, please go to the settings page to turn it back on and check the status of the indicator afterward. If the indicator light blinks slowly in white, it suggests the SwitchBot Hub Mini is connecting to the network. In that case, we need to check the network status of the Hub Mini. 

2- Check the network status of the Hub Mini. 

Go to the Wi-Fi settings and check if the Hub Mini is stably connected to the network. If the connection is abnormal, please tap the Edit button and connect the Hub to another 2.4GHz network.

When the Hub Mini is correctly connected to the network, we can go to the Wi-Fi settings page and check the connection. We can also see if there is a cloud icon at the top right corner of the Hub Mini on the homepage of the SwitchBot App.


2. Please check if the SwitchBot Bluetooth device is well connected with the SwitchBot Hub Mini. 

1- The SwitchBot Bluetooth devices communicate with the SwitchBot Hub via Bluetooth, and because of this, it is recommended to place the SwitchBot Bluetooth devices closer to the Hub Mini for a more stable connection. Try to adjust the position between them and make sure no other metal or electronic obstacles are blocking the way.

2- If we have multiple SwitchBot Hub Mini devices connected to our account, please ensure the SwitchBot Bluetooth devices connect to the Hub Mini closer to them. We can go to the setting page to set this up.



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