• Applicable products: SwitchBot Lock
  • SwitchBot App version: 6.10 or newer
  • Device firmware version: V5.6 or newer

If we have two SwitchBot Locks, we can group them together to meet our requirements if needed. Please follow the steps below to set them up.

1. Make sure the SwitchBot app is up to date.

2. Make sure the SwitchBot Lock is added to the SwitchBot App, and its firmware version is up to date. If the firmware is not V5.6 or newer.

3. Please place your cellphone close to both SwitchBot Lock and make sure the Bluetooth and network connection on your phone are in good condition.

4. Go to the Settings page of one of the SwitchBot Locks.

5. Tap "Dual Lock" to start setting up.

6. Select an added SwitchBot Lock or pair a new Lock as the Secondary Lock.


6. Wait for a while and it will be activated successfully.


For further assistance, please contact us via "Profile Page" - "Feedback" in the SwitchBot App.



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