Model SwitchBot Curtain U Rail

SwitchBot Curtain U Rail2

SwitchBot Curtain I Rail

Illustration switchbot-curtain-switchbot-white-u-rail-euuk-single-pack-111289.webp switchbot-curtain-switchbot-white-u-rail-2-single-pack-721144.webp switchbot-curtain-switchbot-white-i-rail-single-pack-582532.webp
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Model SwitchBot Curtain Rod SwitchBot Curtain Rod2  
Illustration switchbot-curtain-switchbot-white-rod-single-pack-219160.webp 3CurtainRod2_1600_1600EN.webp  
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User manuals for SwitchBot products are usually in PDF format. Please use a dedicated viewer: Adobe Acrobat Reader, or other web browsers that support PDF such as Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge to open. 


Appendix: Download the SwitchBot App



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