When we use an NFC tag to write the NFC data via the SwitchBot App, there are chances that we might encounter some errors.
1. If it says that the Tag is out of memory, try to change it to one with a larger memory. It is recommended to use an NFC tag with an NTAG216 chip.
2. If it says the writing process is interrupted, it might be caused by the fact that the NFC Tag is not placed within the scanning range of the NFC chip in the cellphone, or the NFC Tag does not stay long enough to complete the writing process.
Depending on the different types of cellphones, please hold the NFC Tag on the NFC scanning area (usually near the camera on the back) for more than 5 seconds until the App says written successfully.
1. SwitchBot App in V6.5.1 and later versions optimize the speed of writing NFC data, please update the App to the latest version.
2. Due to the model itself, iPhone 12 might have a big chance of failing to write NFC data. Please try the writing process a few more times.



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