1. Unable to write lock/unlock action to the SwitchBot Tag

When the lock/unlock action has been written to the SwitchBot Tag under SwitchBot account A, only this account can proceed to change the data of the Tag. This prevents others from tampering with the SwitchBot Tag's information.


2. Unable to read lock/unlock action from the SwitchBot Tag

On account of personal security, the SwitchBot Tag can only be triggered to control the SwitchBot Lock when it is within the Bluetooth range. Please make sure the SwitchBot Tag is near the Lock. Also, make sure that both Bluetooth and Location Service have been authorized for the App and turned on on the cell phone.



Only SwitchBot Tag can guarantee with the security mechanism that other users cannot tamper with its information. NFC Tag from other brands might not have this function. Please use with caution.



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