• We do not recommend connecting the SwitchBot Indoor Cam to a hotspot because the Indoor Cam will transfer the videos, voice, and screenshots via the Internet. It may cause more than 5 Gigabytes per day under HD monitoring.


SwitchBot Indoor Cam supports a micro SD card, the capacity of which can be up to 128GB, in FAT32 format. (If we are using a micro SD card in other formats such as exFAT, we can format the card to FAT32 format on the computer before use.)


There are two options for the Indoor Cam to record, one is event-only, and the other is continuous recording.

If we choose continuous recording, we need to make sure the SD card has enough capacity to do the job.

Normally, if the continuous recording mode is turned on and the definition is on HD 1080P, different capacities of the micro SD card can record in different duration.


For a 32GB micro SD card, the record can last for 3 days.

For a 64GB micro SD card, the record can last for 6 days.

For a 128GB micro SD card, the record can last for 12 days.



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