Before setting up the widgets, please check if the SwitchBot app is up to date. The Widget function is available for the app in 6.1 or later.

Before you can add a widget, you need to be running iOS 14 or later.

Creating widgets for SwitchBot Bluetooth devices requires a SwitchBot Hub Mini. 


Setting up on the Side-screen

Firstly, we need to set up the widget on the SwitchBot app.

1- Go to the profile page and tap Widget Settings

2- Add the device or scene that you want to control to the widget column (For the Bot, it has to be communicating with the Hub by turning on the Cloud Service. We can set this up in the settings of the Bot.)




Then, we need to go to the side screen and set up the widget.

1- Swipe left to go to the side screen

2- Tap Edit, then tap Customize

3- Select SwitchBot Devices and SwitchBot Scenes and tap Done

4- Then you are able to access the chosen devices on the side screen




Setting up on the home screen

Currently, only the SwitchBot Meter can be added to the home screen widget. The Meter should also be communicating with SwitchBot Hub Mini by turning on the Cloud Service. We can set this up in the settings of the Meter.

1- Long press any place on the home screen until the apps start to waggle

2- Tap the + icon on the top left

3- Swipe down to find the SwitchBot app



4- Choose SwitchBot and you will find two options of the widget, small size, and medium-size

5- Choose the one that you prefer and tap "Add Widget"



6- When it is added to the home screen, choose the device that you would like to be displayed

7- Return to the home screen and there you go



Any questions or suggestions on the widget function, please feel free to contact



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