Last Updated:2023 Dec 06

  • SwitchBot App Version: 7.8 or newer

1. Make sure your SwitchBot App version is up to date.

2. Guide on how to set up the widget.

  • Launch the SwitchBot App.
  • Tap "Profile" → Widget Settings.
  • Add the desired Device or Scene and save your settings.

3. To add a widget, press and hold a blank screen on the iPhone home screen → swipe the screen to the right → press the "Customize" button → add the SwitchBot device to the widget → tap "Done".

Note: To incorporate Bluetooth-enabled devices like the SwitchBot Curtain and the SwitchBot Lock into your SwitchBot App widgets, activation of cloud services is necessary. These features must be used together with our SwitchBot Hub Series products, which comprise the SwitchBot Hub Mini and the SwitchBot Hub Plus.

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