On the app, The SwitchBot Plug can be turned on or turned off with just one tap on the button. But sometimes, if we accidentally tap the button on the app, the SwitchBot Plug will be activated anyway. In that case, a double-confirmation for the SwitchBot Plug could avoid this kind of accident from happening.


Currently, for iOS users, we can use the Siri Shortcuts to realize this accidental switching prevention feature for Switchbot Plug.


Step 1: Create Siri Shortcuts for the SwitchBot Plug

  • Tap the name of the SwitchBot Plug to access the Plug Settings1.png
  • Go into the Cloud Service


  • Tap Siri Shortcuts




  • Tap Turn On


  • Type the command we want to say when triggering the Shortcut. ( eg. turn on the plug )


  • Add to Siri




When the Siri Shortcuts is created successfully, it will be shown as an individual Shortcut button on the App ( Shortcuts ).



Step 2: Add a Confirm Alert for the Corresponding Siri Shortcuts

  • Tap the ··· to go to the settings of the Shortcut
  • Tap + to add a command


  • Type "confirm " on the search column
  • Select "Show Alert" and add it to the Shortcut


  • Long-press the newly-added alert command and drag it to the front of the SwitchBot command
  • Done



In that way, when we tap on this command to turn on the SwitchBot Plug, we will get an alert before the SwitchBot Plug is activated.





If we want to access this Shortcut without going into the app, we can share this Shortcut to the home screen.







Then we are all set for preventing an accidental turning on for the SwitchBot Plug.

We can follow the same steps to create another Siri Shortcut to turn off the SwitchBot Plug.





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