For security reasons, neither the video in the cloud storage nor the video in the SD card can be viewed by means other than the App:
The video cloud storage service encrypts the video data itself. At the same time, the data upload transmission process also uses financial-grade encryption technology, and the encryption process can use a dynamic key. In the case of double encryption of data and channels, even if user data is intercepted by hackers, the video cannot be played. To browse the encrypted videos in cloud storage, you must log in to your account on the App.
Even the videos saved in SD cards are mostly encrypted and cannot be transferred to a computer. If you want to browse encrypted videos in SD cards, you must Log in to your account on the App.
However, you can use the recording function in the App to record a part of the videos in play back.





  • David

    What does 'mostly encrypted' even mean?!? They're either encrypted or they're not, unless you're saying they're encrypted with a weak algorithm that is easily cracked then I suppose it would be "mostly encrypted."

    Also, having a microsd card implies I can copy off the recordings. If I have to jumps through hoops with a crappy app on my phone, then you're clearly anti-consumer and are trying to twist people's arms into using your cloud service. Why even have the microsd card if I can't pull the card out and copy the videos off?!? What's with all the "" files instead of video files?

    I hope someone puts the effort into hacking your cameras and loading custom firmware so we can avoid all this burdensome hoops you expect us to all jump through.

    Garbage business tactics.

  • Mark.grimshaw

    Totally agree, David. Ridiculous tactics. So, if a security incident happens that the police need to see, for evidence, i have to tell them i can't let them have the footage, for security? This is MY data, not YOURS. If you are going to do this, at least develop a good app. I won't be purchasing any more of your cameras, I'm afraid, for this, specific, reason. I hope you listen to your customers (well, former customers)


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