1. Please confirm whether the device supports voice control and whether it has been successfully bound to the voice speaker. 
  2. Please confirm whether the device is online normally. You can see if it is normal through the APP operation.
  3. Different types of devices can operate different voice commands.  If the device does not support the voice command, you can add the function as the manual scene in our App, so that you can control the scene by voice to meet your needs.
  4. Please confirm the device name is easy to identify, it is recommended to take 2 simple and common words, such as "living room light".
  5. Please confirm whether the SwitchBot account bound in Alexa Echo/Google Home has changed. For example, reset the device and add another account (One Alexa Echo/Google Home account can only be bound to one APP account, an error will be reported if the binding is repeated).
If the issue still can not be solved, please submit feedback in our app, we will let the technical staff find the cause of the problem and help you solve it.



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