Thank you very much for using our products.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new product, "SwitchBot Contact Sensor"! 

In this article, we will introduce the app operation of the Contact Sensor.

Here are the details of each item of the Contact Sensor.

First, tap the Contact Sensor to enter the secondary page and check the brightness.

It will show you the brightness of the current environment.



Then, check the status of the Contact Sensor.



Next, we will show you how to create Automation for the Contact Sensor.


Note: The local Automation you have created will no longer be available when you turn on the cloud service. You will need to create it again.

You will be able to connect with third parties if turn on the cloud service for the Contact Sensor.  (Note: SwitchBot Hub Mini is required.) For instructions on how to turn on the cloud service, please check  8) below.


You can check the detection history of the Contact Sensor in the "Log".


This section introduces the Contact Sensor settings.

First, enter the secondary page of the Contact Sensor and tap the top-right icon to bring up the settings screen.

※ Note: If you do not turn on the cloud service for the Contact Sensor, there is no "Notification Settings" section.

① How to change the device name: tap on the device name to change the device name, home and room.


② In the "Notification Settings" section, you can turn on/off notifications and select the conditions for sending them.


③ You can change the on/off setting of the indicator light of the Contact Sensor in "Light".


④ The status of the Contact Sensor will be shown as "left open"  after the door/ window is left open for XX minutes.


⑤ You can set the triggering method of the "Exit".


⑥ You can change the installation position of the Contact Sensor in "Installation".

Note: If the installation position is changed to a window or other, the motion sensor function will be turned off.


⑦ You can calibrate "Light Sensor" to set the boundary of illumination recognition to determine "Bright" and "Dim".

Please refer to the below picture.


The following four sections will introduce: "Cloud Services," "FAQ," "Firmware & Battery," and "Device Information.

1) You can turn on/off the cloud service of the Contact Sensor in "Cloud Service".
Note: Since the cloud service has been turned on, the Automation you set before will be not available.

Tap "Automation" on the device to go to "Scene" and create a new Scene in "Scene".

2)Tap "FAQs" to go to the support page.

3) In the "Firmware & Battery" section, you can check the battery level and firmware version, as well as upgrade information.

4) You can find the MAC information of this device in the "Device Information" section.



-When you tap "Find Contact Sensor", the indicator light of the Contact Sensor that controls the current setting screen will blink once.

※ This feature is very useful for those who have multiple Contact Sensors.    

In this way, you can see which Contact Sensor is set.


-Click "Delete" to remove the device.

If you have any questions about the SwitchBot app or the product, please feel free to let us know.




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