Operation of the SwitchBot Plug in the SwitchBot APP. 


1. On and off operation

Tap the plug icon, and the red frame appears; the plug is turned on.


Tap the icon again; the circle becomes grey, then Plug is turned off. 


2. Schedule 

You can run it only once or repeat the operation by specifying the day of the week.


3. Change the device name

You can rename the Plug by tapping the icon shown below in the Plug Settings. Or even change the room or home for it. 



4. Wi-Fi MAC

Tap into the device info, and you can see the Wi-Fi MAC. You can change the network for the Plug.

5. How to update the firmware

When you see a red arrow mark in the upper right corner of your device on the home screen, it means new firmware is available.

In Plug Settings, tap "Firmware Version," then click the blue "Upgrade" button to update.


*If the SwitchBot Plug is connected to a (2.4Ghz)wifi network, we can enable cloud service for it and do not need a SwitchBot Hub Mini



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