1)When the automatic IP on the wifi router isn't allocated properly, it may cause the Hub Mini to disconnect from the network. 
2) When the connection isn't stable enough, or the adapter is at low power, the indicator light of the Hub Mini will be blinking slowly.
Here we would like to show you how to deal with the following issues:
  • When the indicator light of the Hub Mini keeps blinking. 
  • The Hub Mini keeps offline when you try to control the IR appliances. 
  • The Hub Mini lost connection to the SwitchBot App.
In many cases, it could help resolve the problem by unplugging the hub Mini for 10 seconds and plugging it back in.
Kindly note that SwitchBot Hub Mini doesn't support the ipV6 network at present.
If the Hub Mini disconnects from the network, we are unable to control IR appliances in the App.
You may check the connectivity status of the Hub Mini via the attached picture below.
bluetooth icon.pngcloud.png

(3) When the internet is unstable, and the power adapter is at low power, the indicator light of the Hub Mini keeps blinking.


Here's something we can do:
1)Please try to place the Hub Mini next to the wifi router.
Since the output request of the Hub Mini varies depending on the Wifi signal strength.
The communication may be interrupted if the Hub Mini is installed in a position where the Wi-Fi signal can barely reach.
*Please switch to another network or Personal Hotspot for the Hub Mini
if you encounter similar errors when trying to reconnect the Hub Mini to your wifi router.
(Kindly see the attached picture below)
This is to identify if the issue could be caused by a product defect. If yes, please kindly submit a feedback ticket on SwitchBot App to report a bug. Our support team will follow up and send you assistance accordingly.
Please refer to the steps below and try to reconfigure the network for SwitchBot Hub Mini.
1) 2 devices are needed. (A cellphone or a tablet)
2) Please tap Internet Sharing in Mobile Network settings to set up a Personal Hotspot.
Here's how to connect the Hub Mini to Personal Hotspot.

1. Authorize the Bluetooth and location services on your phone. Then tap "Add Device" in the App and choose "Hub Mini."

2. Press and hold the button on top of Hub Mini for 10 seconds until the indicator flashes and then tap "next." Or unplug the Hub Mini for 10 seconds and plug it back in to do a factory reset. 

3. Now, please enter the SSID and password of the Personal Hotspot. 
(note: 5G Wi-Fi is not supported for now). You can change the device name at the same step.  
4, Go to Settings> Cellula> Personal Hotspot or Settings > Internet sharing>Allow others to join the network.
If you don't see the option for Personal Hotspot, please kindly contact the communication operator to make sure that you can use Personal Hotspot with your plan. After the data network is set up, please try to connect the Hub Mini that has been added to the second device.
1, If the power is insufficient enough, it's recommended to use the 5V*2A power adaptor for the Hub Mini.
2, For the AP band near the SwitchBot Hub Mini, please kindly change from 2.4Ghz to 1.
If all the above methods failed, please kindly go to the profile page of the SwitchBot App to submit a feedback ticket. If preferable, please help attach a screen recording. 
Our support team will follow up and troubleshoot accordingly. Your kind cooperation is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to make use of the screen recording feature in the SwitchBot App. 



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