• Data Storage

  • Data Synchronization

  • Data Deletion

Data Storage

SwitchBot Meter itself stores data for the last 36 days; since the data is transferred via Bluetooth, please note that if you do not read the data for a long time, opening the historical data from the app will take some time to complete the graph.

Unless you uninstall the SwitchBot app, the app will permanently record temperature and humidity data as a cache. Of course, the recorded data can be exported.

With a SwitchBot Hub Mini/Hub Plus, Meter data is constantly synced to the SwitchBot server under your account from the device being paired until the current and data can also be exported without limitations.

Using a SwitchBot Hub Mini/Hub Plus allows data transfer via Wi-Fi, so data reading is faster. This is the most recommended method for reading data.

Data Synchronization

There are two ways Meter can sync data,

1. Sync data with your phone via Bluetooth:

Every time you go to the Meter's History page, the app starts downloading data from Meter.

2. Sync data to the SwitchBot server via SwitchBot Hub Mini/Hub Plus:

The SwitchBot app will try to download/sync data from the SwitchBot server every time you go to Meter's History page. Meter syncs data to the SwitchBot server under your account only if the following conditions are met,

  • The SwitchBot Hub Mini/Hub Plus is added to your account
  • The Hub Mini/Hub Plus is online
  • Meter is in the communication range of the Hub Mini/Hub Plus. You can spot a cloud icon on the Meter device card on the app's Home page

Data Deletion

1. Disable Cloud Service on Meter's Settings page. Go to Meter's History page and tap Clear Data. Meter's local storage will be cleared.

2. Long press the button on the back of the Meter/Meter Plus for 15 seconds to initialize the Meter/Meter Plus and delete the data on the main body, but leave the historical data on the mobile phone.

Note: Kindly back up your data by press the Export Data button at the bottom of the Meter's Data screen before performing any operations of the above.


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  • Wajeeh Muhammad

    If I understand correctly, all I need is a Hub along with meter and data will be synced continuously but my meter is updating data after every ~30 min. 30 min is along time and by the time the temperature is accessible through api, it is too low or high. I am trying to maintain a certain temperature in the room and control cooling fan accordingly but it is useless so far as it gets too cold or too high by the time new temperature reading is available.


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