■ Step 1

Make sure your SwitchBot Hub Mini/Plus ​is connected to the Internet.

Then enable the Curtain's cloud service


■ Step 2

Before linking your Amazon Alexa account in SwitchBot app, please check your SwitchBot app version is:
  • iOS4.4.3 or later
  • Android5.4.1.24 or later


  1. First of all, login your Amazon Alexa account in the Alexa app.
  2. Open SwitchBot app, choose Curtain that had already turn on the cloud service. 
  3. Tap Cloud Service and then tap Amazon Alexa.
  4. Follow the instructions to login to your Amazon Alexa account.
  5. Enjoy controlling your SwitchBot devices with Alexa.

■ Step 3

Discover devices and you will find your Curtain has been added.

"Alexa, Open Curtain"

* Note:

Please ask your Alexa to update the device list after adding a new device.

You can say: "Alexa, discover devices."



  • Onyx1

    Probeer van alles krijg de bots niet gekoppeld

  • LB

    Is there any way to ask Alexa to open or close partially the curtain ? Would be very useful

  • jim

    Are there any other skills besides "open" and "close"?


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