Before setting up the echo show connection:

  • Alexa app or a PC
  • Echo Show devices
  • Alexa account
  • SwitchBot Hub Mini/Plus
  • Other SwitchBot products
  1. First of all, turn on the cloud service of your SwitchBot devices, such as the bot, the meter, and the curtain. Or add an IR appliance in the Hub Mini/Plus.
  2. Login to your Alexa app or Alexa website.
  3. Enable the SwitchBot Smart skill in the Alexa app or Alexa website.
  4. Then turn on Alexa Echo Show and log in to the same account. If you had already used the echo show before. Please check if the Alexa app or Alexa website is using the same account as the echo show used.
  5. Ask the Alexa Echo Show to "discover the new devices" and the SwitchBot product will show up in your echo show (except the Hub Mini/Plus)






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