If we want to get an alert from the SwitchBot Meter, we can set it up on the Desired Conditions.



There are two kinds of notification for this alert.


In-App notification


If the temperature or the humidity meets the pre-set condition, the readings of the SwitchBot Meter on the homepage will turn red.


On the "Notifications" on the Profile page, the alert will also be displayed there.(SwitchBot Hub required)


Push Notification (SwitchBot Hub required)

If the Cloud Service of the SwitchBot Meter has turned on, we will also get a push notification on the cellphone when the temperature or humidity meets the pre-set condition.





* If the temperature or humidity of the Meter meets the pre-set condition, it will not send a push notification immediately. The readings should stay for more than 2 minutes before the push notification be sent.

* If the temperature or humidity jumps back and forth within the 2 minutes window, the notification will not be sent.

* The sampling interval of the Meter is 4s.

* The data logging of the Meter on Bluetooth and the cloud are 2 min.



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