Sometimes the Google Assistant fails to control the SwitchBot devices anymore while it worked well before. This is caused by the SwitchBot - Google Home connection expired. Please follow the instructions below to renew the connection.


1. Open the Google Home app.

2. Tap the "+" icon and then tap Set up device.

3. Tap Have something already set up option.


4. Search SwitchBot Smart Home service

5. Tap the SwitchBot Smart Home service and then tap Reconnect account to renew the connection.



If the Google Home App or devices still can not control the SwitchBot devices, please send feedback via the SwitchBot App and our tech team will check it for you directly.




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  • jjsanchezcachero

    When adding the linked service it appears a 'Linking to Switch Bot smart account' but returns to the Set Up screen and the service is not added. Any tips or known issue?


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