Now you could use voice control to control SwitchBot Scene. With this feature, you could not only control multiple devices with one command but also control "Others" appliances with Alexa directly.


Before adding your SwitchBot scene to Alexa, please add your SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini to Alexa first.


  • Open the SwitchBot App and then tap Scene to create a scene.
  • Tap add a condition and then choose manual execution
  • Tap add an action and then choose the appliances you want to add in this scene.


  • You could tap the + icon to add more appliances
  • Tap the pencil icon to change the name of this scene


  • Open the Alexa app and ask Alexa to discover devices.
  • If Alexa could not discover the scene, please disable the SwitchBot Smart Skill and then enable it again.

Now, you could ask Alex to turn on your scene!


* Kindly noted that since the "turn on" command in Alexa means to activate a scene, it is unable to ask Alexa to turn off the scene. If you need to use Alexa to turn off the same scene, please set another scene that turns all these devices off. For example, I set two scenes, the names are "Bedroom on" and "Bedroom off". To turn on the "Bedroom", I will say, Alexa, turn on "Bedroom on". To turn off the "Bedroom", I will say, Alexa, turn on "Bedroom off". 



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