Updated: Feb 19th, 2023

  • SwitchBot App Version: V6.21 or newer

Now you can use voice control to activate SwitchBot Scene. With this feature, you could not only control multiple devices with one command but also control "Others" appliances with Alexa directly. We will guide you through the setup process now.

1. Create a manual scene in SwitchBot App.

  • scenes
  • add a scene
  • condition: Manual execution
  • action: Select the device and action
  • name the scene
  • save
  • creation Complete



2. Open the Alexa App and link the SwtichBot from Skills&Games.

  • more
  • Skill&Games
  • Search SwitchBot
  • enable to use
  • log in with your SwitchBot App account
  • link complete 



3. Or tap "Scenes" from the device to see the details of the scene.



The setup is now complete.

Voice example: "Alexa, [name of scene] on/on.

Please note:

1. If the skills are already linked to Alexa, the created manual scene will be automatically added to Alexa with the skills.

2. Please note that "Scenes" in Alexa can only support voice control to be turned on. If you want to voice control the remote control of home appliances added in "Other" mode from Alexa, please create two manual scenes, one for on and one for off, and voice controls them from Alexa.

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