1. FAQs and forum

For generic inquiries, please search directly on https://support.switch-bot.com/hc/en-us. If you find the search result not relevant, kindly try different keywords. Plus, our community/forum is a perfect place for our users to help each other.


2. Submit Feedback via our App

If you need further assistance or want to suggest an improvement, please submit "Feedback" in the App. This is the most efficient way to contact our technical support team.


Kindly share further information with us, which will help us figure out and resolve the problem quickly.

1) Your SwitchBot ID: e.g. support@wondertechlabs.com

2) Screenshots or a screen recording : e.g. "Homepage", "Device List", "Error Message"

3) Purchase time&channel: e.g. 2018-12-01 from Amazon

4) Your order ID

5) ...


Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve you. :-)


3. Send an email

As an alternative, feel free to contact us at support@wondertechlabs.com.



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